What in the heck are these things?
Flexi postcards are postcards with grooves stamped into them, that can be played on a turntable! The playable side is a full color image curated by that month’s musician.

How many subscriptions are available?
475! Once they’re gone they’re gone so subscribe early!

Sounds cool but how’s the sound quality?
It’s exactly what you’d expect from playing a cardboard postcard on your turntable. It’s gritty but playable. There is a download code printed on every card so you can have a higher quality version of each song in your library.

How are they packaged & shipped?
Every card is shipped via First Class Mail both domestic and international. They are stuffed into envelopes to help avoid scratches and are stamped with “Do Not Bend” to hopefully get the point across to your mail carrier to NOT BEND it. We do not take any responsibility for mishandled letters by the USPS since we’re doing all that is possible to avoid damages.

How many will I get throughout the year? Does anything else come with my subscription?
We hope you like surprises because we can assure that you’ll receive at least 12 cards, one per month, beginning in January 2015. We’ll also be sending periodic emails throughout the year with other special things.

How do I buy a gift subscription?
KIT subscriptions make great gifts! Click on the “Subscribe” menu item and input your gift recipient’s information. A KIT associate will be in touch within a few days to confirm all the details.

How do I get the earlier cards if I subscribe after January?
The humans behind the scenes will bundle all previous cards into your first month’s shipment, to be followed by your regularly scheduled monthly card delivery.

Do you have a newsletter?
Not currently for the public but all subscribers will be added to a private email list where we’ll keep you updated on new cards & other goodies.

I have more questions that aren’t answered here, can you help me?
For sure! Send an email to kitwithusss@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to answer you in a timely manner.